What makes BBSI Uniquely Qualified to Be Your Strategic Business Partner?


We’ve been there.

When you partner with BBSI you work side by side with experienced business people who understand the risks, long hours, and stressful decisions you go through every day. We also understand the pride and independence of owning your business. That’s because we’re all entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers. We learned in the trenches. And the biggest lesson was, you can’t do it all yourself. We all need a trusted, experienced business partner.

We’re here to help make running your business a little easier. To work with you to help you attain your goals. The goals that may have eluded you as your days got bogged down with endless details. Payroll and Human Resources issues. Compliance. Staffing. Insurance. We take care of those details efficiently, creating more time for you. Then we work with you, examining the good and the bad of your business, so we can help you create a realistic, manageable strategy to reach your goals.

The sooner you call us the sooner we can help you put your business on an achievable growth track.


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We’ll Take Care of the Administrative Details. So You Can Focus on Business Growth.


Plan. Execute. Review. Repeat.
We’re your strategy partners.


Efficient pain-free payroll.
We’re your payroll partners.


Helping you help your employees succeed.
We’re your HR partners.


Your workers – and you – are covered.
We’re your workers comp partners.



Putting safety at the top of the list.
We’re your risk management partners.



Finding the right people for your company.
We’re your staffing partners.


Your Business Should Enrich You,
Not Ensnare You

We’re pretty sure you didn’t go into business to push papers, solve employee problems, and worry about employment laws. You didn’t wake up one day and say, hey, I’d like to create more stress in my life. Stress that I face alone day after day as the head of my company.

Instead, we’re betting you went into business because you had a passion. For an innovative product you dreamed up. A better service you knew you could provide. And to gain control over your life, to live independently on your terms.

Then came all the deadly daily details. Employees issues. Laws and regulations: federal, state, and local. Payroll. Insurance. Hours searching for the right hires. Where’s your time for creativity and innovation?


“They make us feel like we’re important and when we have issues, they address them in a timely manner. Our a risk manager can do unscheduled visits, so we can call them as OSHA walks through our door. It’s just a personal feeling that we get from BBSI.” – Melissa Garlington BME

Melissa Garlington

“I feel their compassion for our company. One of them is always there to help us out with any kind of problems. They handle our certified payroll report, worker’s comp and HR, which is a huge package deal. They’re really on the ball for a lot of things.” – Tia Olsen  Lauzon Contracting, LLC

Tia Olsen

“OSHA came visiting. I’m glad that BBSI was there to help us through, so we didn’t get fined. If I wouldn’t have had BBSI helping me, I would have had to deal with it myself. And as a small business owner, I’m wearing a lot of hats to begin with. They were there for us.” – Rick McCutcheon  The Wall

Rick McCutcheon

“As a new business owner, I feel like I’ve learned a lot from BBSI. They’ve recommended books for me to read and they’ve recommended other business people to connect with. They’e very personable and they’re very willing to listen and really work to problem-solve for our unique” situation. – Julia Webb  Elite OnSite Fleet Services,  Portland & Vancouver

Julia Webb

We’ll show you how much better business can be.

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