Employee Motivation: It may not be what you think.

Employee Motivation: It may not be what you think.

Consider Bob, the owner of a growing commercial landscape company. Bob, like many business owners right now, is struggling to recruit and retain good employees. Although Bob figures he pays his employees a decent rate, and even offers flex time in the slower months, he can’t seem to find or keep enough quality employees to satisfy his existing work load, let alone accommodate growth.

Bob grumbles about “a tight job market” preventing him from getting many applicants for his job postings, and employees that seem willing to walk just to make fifty cents an hour more.  But is that really the issue or is there something else going on here?

When it comes to what motivates an employee, “your mileage will vary” as they say. Set money aside for a second – what else keeps people showing up at their jobs week in and week out? What are the “drivers” that make some employees assets and what is the wiring that makes other employees more of a liability.

Regardless of the size of your organization – whether you are just getting started hiring a new employee to adding your next layer of executive management – you, as the owner and leader at the top, need to have a thorough understanding of each individual’s unique drivers and motivators.

Equipped with this information (ask your BBSI team for help in how to do this) you can better make decisions. In terms of compensation, perhaps flex time or healthcare coverage is more important than an increase. Knowing who would like to pursue management responsibilities and who would prefer to be one of the team members instead of the leader can help prevent frustration and wasted time for everyone. Finally – knowing what motivates each employee allows you to encourage and promote their engagement that leads to meeting company goals.