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We’re Your Dedicated Team

When we work together we assign a team of seasoned experts to you. Experts in efficiency, in strategy, HR and risk management. All with at least a decade of experience, all with a highly developed ability to listen. We’ll have regular consultations with you – but you can also fetch us when the need arises. OSHA
walking in the door? Call us, we’re there. Wake up with a question about best practice? Call us anytime from 7am to 6pm, we’ll answer. Your needs don’t come at regularly scheduled times. So we’re there when you need us. That’s what we mean by teamwork.

Gain 25% More Time without Working a Minute More

You have plenty of vision. Plenty of talent. Plenty of ambition. But what’s the one thing you – and most business owners and managers – can always use plenty more of?

Time. All the little details of the day just sap it. Our job is to give you back 25% of the time you spend on all the necessities and droning distractions from your real purpose – which is to drive your vision and create an ever more profitable, and fun, company.

When we become your full service provider team for HR, payroll, risk management, staffing, and workers compensation coverage you don’t spend your time researching, meeting, and paying bills for a bunch of separate providers. That’s a lot of weight off your shoulders. And a lot of time added on to your clock.

Then we help you strategize, plan, perform and propel your business to the heights you imagined when you first envisioned it.

We’ll show you how much better business can be.

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