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Treat Your Employees Like Customers to Improve Efficiency, Culture, and Your Bottom Line

We all know about the internal customer. That’s the person inside the company or organization that you have to sell your project or new product idea to. For instance, if you’re a marketing person and you have a grand idea for a new campaign, you have to sell that idea to the person who can say, Go. Depending on company size that might be the VP of marketing, or you may have to go straight

Time Flow

“Time Flow”: Or, How to Get 25% More time to Spend on Your Core Mission Without Working One Minute More In business we talk a lot about cash flow and how companies live or die by it. But we seldom talk about something equally important: time flow. And we should be talking about it, because it’s often not the lack of cash that keeps a company from growing – it’s lack of time. What Causes

Employee Motivation: It may not be what you think.

Consider Bob, the owner of a growing commercial landscape company. Bob, like many business owners right now, is struggling to recruit and retain good employees. Although Bob figures he pays his employees a decent rate, and even offers flex time in the slower months, he can’t seem to find or keep enough quality employees to satisfy his existing work load, let alone accommodate growth. Bob grumbles about “a tight job market” preventing him from getting